Coaches and Staff

Jacob Skeffington

Handstand/ Tumbling/ Partner Acrobatics

From being a founding member of a small youth company to performing with the Cirque du Soleil, Jacob Skeffington has experienced a vast range of skill and varied approaches to the circus. He attended two professional circus schools, one to start his career and one to upskill and refocus later in his performing career. The first was one of the top schools in the West, the National circus school in Montreal, and the other one of the top schools in the East, the China National Acrobatics Troupe in Beijing. Comparing the different ways that these large institutions approach training was a leading factor in his decision

to start Eastern Acrobatics, where he aims to combine the most valuable aspects from these very different systems into one that will best prepare budding acrobatics for the international stage. Performing with the small town youth company, the Flying Gravity Circus, and acting as a freelance artist in Brazil, the US, and China gave him a broad knowledge of what small scale performing can mean. Performing with the renowned youth company Circus Smirkus, and international giant Cirque du Soleil gave a strong taste of what full time touring means. These experiences Jacob hopes will help him inspire and educate the next generation of expert entertainers.

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Jun Kuribayashi

Choreography/ Dance/ Alternative Movement

Jun Kuribayashi has been a mover all of his life. He began as a competitive swimmer, breakdancer, and martial artist. He took his first dance class at age 22 at the University of Kansas where he earned his BFA in Dance. The year he graduated, he premiered professionally with Momix. In 2004 he joined Pilobolus Dance Theater and toured all over the globe as a dancer, Dance Captain and eventually an Artistic Associate until late 2015. Dance Magazine listed him alongside Misty Copeland and Ethan Stiefel as one of the best performers of the year. Kuribayashi's work as a performer, choreographer and movement consultant span a wide variety of mediums. 


Alex Jackson

Strap/Aerial Coach 

Alex Jackson has been training circus for more than 10 years. After earning degrees in Biology and Theater from UMass Amherst, he attended the Professional Training program at the New England Center for Circus Arts. His first love was aerial rope, but his current focus is on aerial straps, hand balancing and partner acrobatics. Alex regularly performs with the Boston Circus Guild, most recently performing partner straps and hand balancing in Cirque of the Dead. 

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KJ Saur

(currently on tour)

Originally from Alaska, KJ found acrobatics after finishing competitive swimming. Focusing on applying her love for strength training across all types of movement, she holds a Bachelors of Science in Exercise Science, is an NSCA-certified personal trainer, and has been coaching swimmers, weightlifters, and acrobats for 10 years. KJ spent the last year in Seattle, WA performing with Animate Objects Physical Theater and teaching at the School of Acrobatics and New Circus Arts, focusing on hand to hand, handstands, and aerial acrobatics.

Aryeh Lax

(currently on tour)

Aryeh Lax has taught circus camps, classes, and workshops across four states, most recently for the School of Acrobatics and New Circus Arts in Seattle, WA. He’s also a professional performing acrobat, specializing as a partner acrobatics base, although he has a fondness for tumbling, juggling, and object balancing.