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  Eastern Acrobatics is beginning to offer certain classes with additional precautions for COVID. If you are interested in starting classes again, please inquire at, or on our webform. 


Gym mitigation protocols under COVID:


1. Any athlete exhibiting symptoms, such as fever, coughing, etc, is not allowed to attend practice; also, if anyone, in an athlete's household, tests positive for Corona, the 14-day quarantine will apply to that athlete, per CDC and government recommendations.


2. Parents are recommended to take the temperature of their child before coming to practice. Any coach or athlete, with a fever, will be sent home.


3. Bathrooms will be cleaned and disinfected each day. All hard surfaces, such as vault tables, mats, weights, etc. which have come in contact with hands, will be cleaned and sanitized after each group training session. An electrostatic disinfecting gun has been ordered to maximize cleaning efforts.


4. All athletes must wash or sanitize hands between events. Avoid touching one's face with hands. Everyone must bring their own water bottle, as the water fountain will not be available for some time. Athletes can bring their own chalk as well, though this is not mandatory. Overall, the most important preventive measure is keeping hands away from one's face, and washing/sanitizing them frequently; this cannot be stressed enough, and parents have to relay this rule to all athletes, especially younger one! There are two hand sanitizing stations (alcohol-based)  in the gym: one near the bathroom, and one near the front door.


5. Social Distancing will be implemented when possible, and with the gym being 13,000 sqft, this is generally pretty easy. 

6. Coaches will wear a mask when in proximity to students, and when spotting. Students are not required to wear masks, as it is dangerous and detrimental to training. When students are going to be close to each other, they can wear a mask when appropriate. Students will not be spotting each other for the time being. The initial plan is to safely bring athletes back to their previous condition, with a lot of basic training.

7. Group size will be limited, based on CDC/government recommendations, following guidelines related to square footage & capacity. Class sizes for EAC have generally fallen under ten people anyway, but for classes that were pushing the limits, class sizes have been reduced. 

8. Open group acrobatics has been changed to partners only acrobatics with social distancing only being ignored between partners.


9. Performance track is resuming training as close to normal as possible, however, most of the above guidelines still apply. Please let us know when students return to school, or if any other relevant concerns come up, as we may need to readjust our approach several times before this is all over. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to