Our Vision

Eastern Acrobatics & Circus(EAC)  is a circus school providing recreational through professional level training opportunities for people of all ages. EAC aims to train the next generation of circus artists and to create a supportive, creative, and driven circus community that will cultivate acrobatic and artistic excellence. We believe that it’s never too early or too late to come into the world of circus and that anyone of any age can find personal and artistic growth through dedicated coaching, hard work, and creativity.

    Training will focus on excellence at every stage, providing a strong foundation for long term success. For students training to be professional artists, EAC aims to prepare them for the demands of the current and evolving professional scene, both technically and creatively.    


    Each of the skill classes that EAC offers will target a specific goal, both to teach a particular discipline through technical knowledge, and provide a class structure focused on physical or mental development (e.g., physical conditioning, flexibility, theater/acting, act creation/development). 


    EAC will also provide programs that cover multiple disciplines and allow students to develop the diverse skill sets. These could be introductory sampler classes or performance groups for serious students looking to expand the various skills needed to succeed in the modern circus profession.

Why circus arts?
Health and Humor

Circus physically engages and challenges students, building strong, resilient bodies. But mastering impressive new skills isn’t just hard work, it’s fun, and deeply rewarding! Students push their physical limits while keeping the spark of creative exploration burning brightly. It’s an exciting and exhilarating way to improve strength, agility, mobility, precision, and equilibrium!

Cooperation, not competition

Community is a value woven into the history of circus arts. Unlike many other athletic disciplines, circus is a cooperative endeavor, not a competitive one. Circus arts teach team work, the ability to support fellow artists, and deepens understanding of what personal strengths and weaknesses each person brings to the group.

Athletics and artistry

Circus exists at an intersection between sport and performing arts, and circus artists learn skills from both worlds. Fitness, physical confidence, and perseverance meet creativity, problem solving, and patience to create emotionally resilience. Circus artists confront challenges both physical and artistic, and learn skills to break them down and turn them into opportunities.